Modified Silicone oil (II)
Trade mark Product name Viscosity (25oC,mPa.S) Amino Assay (N,wt.%)
FS-1015A Linear Amino Silicone oil 5000~15000 0.22±0.03
FS-1016 Water-soluble Amino Silicone oil 500~2000 ≥1.2
FS-1017 Mild smoothening amino Silicone oil 1000~2500 0.60±0.05
FS-1019 High elastic type Amino Silicone oil 200~1000 0.15±0.03
FS-1020 Antibacterial and deodorant finishing agent 1000~2500 Refractive index(25°C):1.442
FS-2001 Epoxy modified Silicone oil 10000 Epoxy value
FS-2002 Epoxy modified Silicone oil 1000 Epoxy value
FS-3000 Tri-amino fluffy Silicone oil    
FS-4001 Alkyl modified Silicone oil 300~1000 Refractive index (25°C):1.448
FS-5001 polyether modified Silicone oil 1500~2500 Cloud Point:40°C
FS-5002 Leather hand-touch finishing agent 1000~2500  
FS-6600 Reactive Amino Silicone oil 200~1200 0.5-0.7
FS-6700 Diamino Silicone oil 800~5000 0.32-0.42
FS-6800 Silicone oil with good shear stability and compatibility with resin 2000~10000 0.20-0.25
FS-6900 Lasting Hydrophilic, low-yellow-staining organic Silicone oil 3000~12000 0.65-0.70
FS-9901A Smoothening Amino Silicone oil 300~700 0.30±0.05

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